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How would you like to own a complete supersolo network site, and all the sites on that network?

Or purchase any of the individual sites below separately for low prices?




Super Solos Xpress

Supersolo Network Hub Site - 638 Members (That's just the hub site, not the entire network)

You can purchase the Super Solos Xpress hub site for only:

* $397 *

Does not include any of the sites currently on the network, just the hub site itself. You will need to add your own sites to the network.

You will be able to start running this site within 72 hours after payment has been received (assuming you already have hosting arranged).

This is a relatively new site, but we just don't have the time or number of sites available to add to the network, so the potential for expansion is great, with plenty of new members available to sign up.


Or Would You Like To Run Your Own Traffic Site ?

For the price listed below each site you get the script, graphics, domain name (you have to pay the low transfer cost) and member base.
The site will be yours to do whatever you want with, without all the hassles of setting it up on your own!

Discounts may be offered on multiple site sales and offers will be considered on some sites.

Traffic Supreme
(1261 Members)

* $297 *


If you want the Super Solo Network or just a membership site please contact us regarding payment, hosting and domain transfer.

Send your email to:

Kenneth Kraakstad


Martin Ledley

*Please use the subject line 'Sale Enquiry'*