Frequently Asked Questions


1. How many subscribers do you have?
At the moment my lists are more than 300.000 subscribers.

2. What is your average email open rate?
My open rate is between 3-6%, but optin rate is 30-60%

3. How much does you solo cost?
All prices are here;

4. What is your list niche?
Mainly im and biz opps. niches.

5. How have you built your list?
I've built my list for 4 years now with solo ads, ad swaps and driving traffic to all my squeeze pages wherever I could get great traffic to them.

6. Will you be sending my solo ad out to your buyers too?
Yes I have many subscribers in my lists that make purchases.

7. Do you use Aweber?
Yes Aweber, V.I.Plus and Getreponse and a few others.

8. When will the ad go out?
Normally 2-3 days after you place your order.

9. Do you use single opt in or double (verified) opt in to build your list?
I use both, but mainly single optin.

10. Are you using safelists?
NO NEVER. All traffic is from my subscribers ONLY.

11. Do you send articles to your list, how often or only ads to your list?
Yes I do send on daily basis, but never to the whole list at once.

12. What offers has worked the best to your list in the last 6 months?
Mainly offers in the im and biz opps. niches. Any free offer will convert best.

13. How many clicks do you send on average per mailing?
I can send from 100 to 5000 clicks.

14. Where are the clicks coming from? What Countries?
More than 50% of my clicks are from top tier Countries(US, Canada, UK, Australia, and NZ.).

15. Do you use a rotator for your solo ads?
I do if the purchaser don't send me their ad copy/swipe.

16. Do you have to re-write my solo ad for your list?
No I don't, but if you want I can do that for you.

17. Does your list like lower priced offers, or do they want something for free to opt-in?
Yes these offers will give you the best results.

18. Can you send to specific countries (English Speaking: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand)?
Yes I can, but then the price will be $00.75 a click. Please send me a email for prices.

19. Depending on the number of click purchased, how long does it take to get the clicks in? (24/48/72 Hours)
Normally 2-3 days after you place your order, but sometimes I get many orders at once
and need a few days more. Larger orders within 14 days.

20. Are you using other Solo ad providers to help you manage all your traffic?
No I do not. All clicks are from my subscribers only.

21. Do you offer any discounts or specials?
No my prices are final and fair enough. I also spend a lot of money to continuesly build my own list.



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The end result is that these once valuable domains end up blacklisted as sources of spam
and get accused of spam on the social networks which means anything containing
the blacklisted domain will see its delivery rates plummet by over 30%.

I can't use these trackers with my own tracker service as they're all banned from my service
Please find a paid tracker service or just send me the raw url.

A nice paid tracker service is this one:

I always provide proof after finalizing a solo ad.




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I have been a happy repeat client for Kenneth's solo ad service several times. He stays in communication and always delivers terrific traffic as promised. I'll be returning for more business with him because of fair pricing and excellent professionalism. Thanks for your service Kenneth!!

James Wehner Jr.
Author, MLM Online Magic eCourse

First of a I want to say Kenneth is a stand up guy he does what he says, and says what he means, which is very rare in this business.
Kenneth's list is Beast and is the secret to my super fast growing and responsive list personally I have bought over 5000 clicks from Kenneth now and what can I say other than I'm hooked...
With over 2,500 leads and $1,557.55 in totally money made it's safe to say that I will be ordering another 5000 clicks this month for sure...
Thanks for all that you do, my friend you are the best

Justin Tillman

This solo was just as good as my previous experiences with Kenneth. The over-delivers are a nice bonus but the quality of subscriber and resultant sales were the real icing on the cake. This is a great source for quality, quick list-building and with a trusted pro.

Gene Harbula
First Bizness

I buy a lot of solo ads but Kenneth's solo is always a notch better than the rest.

This because he is always responsive to my messages and quick to make the necessary changes that I need in the solos that I buy.

Not only that he is very friendly and he can send clicks very fast. His solos are actually risk free.

Let me explain... the very first time I bought a solo from him, something went wrong with the tracker and a lot of clicks were 'lost'!

But Kenneth was willing to keep sending me clicks until the amount of clicks are met. It gave me a sense of security that kept me
buying from him over and over again!

James Yii

Great solo with Kenneth. Just over 50% optins.
This has been a great place to test new offers
and his list is always extremely responsive


John Paduchak
Six Figure

Kenneth was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did he provide one of the best solos I've done, but he over delivers. Anyone looking to get a lot of traffic, optins and upsells owes it to themselves to test Kenneth's solo ads."

Ryan Coisson
Kenneth's list is the best. I do a lot of solo ad marketing and I always get a great response, high opt-in and conversions from his list.

Shannon Lavenia

 used Kenneth for a solo ad campaign and was so excited with the results! I bought the 100 click package and had 35 subscribers from that one campaign! Wow I will definitely be using Kenneth again :)

I have tried a few solo ad places and have never had this response. It’s great to finally know you are getting value for money and results in your business!

I would highly recommend Kenneth - he is fantastic at keeping in touch and responds quickly to emails.

Thanks Kenneth!


Bec Cuthbertson


Hi Kenneth,
Thanks so much for your solo ad.
You were prompt in delivery.
You delivered the results that I paid for.
I appreciate as well you following up.

Ellen Franzoso

Ken produce a wonderful solo ad that produced a bonfire of activity on my
autoresponder. I order 1000 clicks and optins were approaching the 300 mark. I have already had people purchase from my mailing list, so happy days. Priceless. Customer service is Hilton like, with prompt and helpful replies
to emails. I would recommend Ken in a heart beat. Get stuck in.

John Nonye

.... I will definitely buy another solo from Kenneth soon. I bought a 1000 click solo in November 2012. I received 1038 clicks and 295 optins to my list. I am very satisfied with the response (28.4% optin rate). I ran 3 solos simultaneously from others and Kenneth's solo had the best optin rate.

I will recommend Kenneth's solos to everybody and will definitely buy another solo from Kenneth soon.

Hans Ronne

HOLY COW its been crazy today. When the solo ads really start going
out, I got email after email saying I had a new subscriber. I ordered 100
clicks from Kenneth and I got 107 clicks and 28 new subscribers to my list.
I have known Kenneth for years, he is one of the good guys and I highly
recommend getting his solo ads. Just look at my results.

Kirsten Faucette

Kenneth offers great services and is highly professional!
Clicks are outstanding and I always get more.
He is great to work with, I will be a customer 
for a long time.
Thank You Kenneth!

Jonathan Paquin

Great job with my solo ad! You were the third person I purchased a solo ad from and your results were the best. I purchased 500 clicks and received 570 with 201 optins and of those 201 optins, 21 actually completed the information to receive my free offer. Now I have 221 new leads to follow up with. I definitely hope we can work together again. Thank you.

Deborah Robertsen

This was my 1st experience with Solo Ads. Kenneth over delivered on the number of Unique clicks promised and in return I got a 20% OPT IN Rate! Kenneth offers a very simple, yet powerful way to build your list for a very reasonable price. "The Money is In the List." Therefore, I highly recommend Kenneth's services to anyone who is looking to create an Income Online.

Brad Kirsch

I am a retired journalist now in internet marketing. I have been a repeat customer of Kenneth's because he always over-delivers, has a great list that is responsive to my offers and is always friendly and professional in his dealings with clients like me. A pleasure to do business with! Thank you Kenneth. More business on the way!

Mike Funston
Home Biz Stars

Your Solos ROCK !.. I can't say enough.
Even with the server issues out of your control, you were on top of it !
Your list is SO RESPONSIVE that I got 57 Opt-Ins ! (And I only purchased 100)
Thanks Again,

Matt Livingston


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